Friday, March 23, 2012

Bloodsail Admiral — Cloth

I'm not very good at cloth-mogging draenei, I very much prefer plate or leather - perhaps it's because I only have one cloth user I play to this day, and I miss the times when she was still part of the Horde. (I've lost all feel with my mage since I transfered her to Alliance and I blame it on draenei females and their incompatibility with robes) Nevertheless, I managed to get an outfit together, albeit on the simple side. I think I'll stick to night elves from now on, though.

I went into a completely different direction with my mage, since robes were the only mage-like theme I could think of, and I'm not a big fan of robes on a draenei (something to do with their fat spacegoat-y buttocks wobbling when they move). I do like their legs (unlike night elf females' calves), and due to their hooves, feet items show completely different than on most other races - another positive mark for me, since I dislike most boot designs.

The set I put together was built around the Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, which is - for me personally - one of the hardest items to get in-game, but I would totally go through the rep grind if I played my mage a little more often. I also think draenei females are amongst the races it suits best (next to undead and gnomes, the latter can pull of any type of headgear in my opinion).

As you can tell I went for a very piratey look - if the hat wasn't a tip off, the dagger and money pouch surely are - which is utterly and completely un-magelike, but some diversity every now and then is also nice.

The items in this set are:
  1. Bloodsail Admiral's Hat
  2. Buccaneer's Vest
  3. Captain Sander's Sash for Alliance or Apothecary's Waistband for Horde
  4. Ritual Gloves
  5. Leggings of Ancient Magics
  6. Ritual Sandals
  7. Mindstorm Wristbands (very important for this set, imo, since the gloves are short)
  8. Beauty's Cootie-Ridden Blankie
  9. Small Hand Blade
  10. Furbolg Medicine Pouch

While I realize this set probably looks better without the cloak, I think it's still a good choice - it has the
right schemes of red, white and pastel yellow to match the rest of the set.


  1. Ooh that's a nice pirate mog!

    1. Heehee, thanks!
      Originally I wanted to enter this for Mog Madness, but my boyfriend called me out on it. :P