Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fel-Steel Warplate — Plate

I really like this set - not very paladin-like, but the green is so lively. It started out with the shoulders, which dropped for me randomly while I was doing SSC on my druid and wondered what to match them with. The Fel-Steel Warhelm was the quick go-to (not shown in picture to the left, though), and then I just matched up all the pieces of dark green plate armor I could find. I have no idea how the boots will look on non-draenei, though, so you might have to consider looking for alternatives if it's a misser. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone wearing this one yet, since most of the pieces drop in level TBC raids.

- ShouldersPauldrons of the Wardancer — Hydross the Unstable, Serpenshrine Cavern
- ChestKrakken-Heart Breastplate — Lady Vashj, Serpentshrine Cavern
- HandsRoyal Gauntlets of Silvermoon — Kael'thas Sunstrider, Tempest Keep
- WaistIndestructible Plate Girdle — BS craft
- LegsGreaves of the Bloodwarder — High Astromancer Solarian, Tempest Keep
- FeetTyrant's Greaves

- ShirtGreen Workman's Shirt
- BackDelicate Green Poncho — Bring Me the Egg!

- WeaponLava Spine — Magmaw, Blackwing Descent

While I like the Fel-Steel Warhelm with this set a lot, I find it a bit too overwhelming for a female draenei, which is why it is hidden in the picture to the left, but you can see it equipped together with the Gurubashi Punisher in the picture below.

Alternatives shown below:
- Weapons: Amani Venom-Axe — Gleaming Quel'Serrar — Gurubashi Punisher
- Head: Ironbark Faceguard — Fel-Steel Warhelm


  1. Have the head and shoulders on my death knight, alongside the fel-iron set for now. Chest hidden by hyjal tabard. This has helped me a lot, thanks

  2. Greetings.i like very much the Fel Steel WarPlate set and i have it to my DK name Neluria on Tarren Mill and to my Warrior on Auchindoun Realm name Quinzia :) awesome blog