Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet-tempered Armor — Mail

I was browsing MogIt looking for mail gear to go with a shield for my shaman, when I noticed there were a couple of green pieces that were obviously a set visually. I thought I'd discovered a 'new' set, but later I found out it's already been documented and also exists in red and green.

It reminds me very much of the blood elf paladin and hunter starting gear, so I found it only fitting to have a blood elf pose with it. Every piece of gear is a quest reward from either Thousand Needles, Dustwallow Marsh, Eastern Plaguelands, Tanaris, Badlands and Felwood, and is obtainable by both Horde and Alliance.

All the pieces have two or more alternatives, except for the legs, so there is hope yet if you've done your fair share of quests already. Remember that it doesn't hurt to try ticketing a GM to restore at item you've vendored as you might get lucky.

Big thanks to wowhead user Valleria for collecting the info on where to find these items.

I've paired this set with  Hawkeye Bow since I like the simple look, something more elaborate would be the Vicious Gladiator's Longbow.

  1. Helm of Thoughtful Gifts from A Gift For Fiona — Eastern Plaguelands
  2. Corroded Helmet from Corrosion Prevention — Dustwallow Marsh
  1. Grimtotem SpauldersDarkcloud Grimtotem (A) or Pauldrons of the TeachingsDarkcloud Grimtotem (H) — Thousand Needles
  2. Angor Pauldrons — The Good Stuff (A) or Forcible Acquisition (H) — Badlands
  3. Pauldrons of Blooming HopeAmidst Death, Life — Eastern Plaguelands
  4. Jade Green Spaulders — Dousing the Flames of Protection — Felwood
  1. Fuselight Chainmail — When the Going Gets Tough, Cheat — Badlands
  2. Sweet-Tempered Breastplate — The Battle of Darrowshire (Alliance only) — Eastern Plaguelands
  1. Belt of the Unfooled — Back to Crazzle (A) or Back to Riznek (H) — Thousand Needles
  2. Investigator's Belt —  Captain Dreadbeard (A) or Captain Dreadbeard (H) — Tanaris
  3. Allen's Abandoned Belt — Dance for Ruumbo! — Felwood
  1. Fastfuse Gloves — Behind You! - Thousand Needles
  2. Finder's Keepers — I'm Not Supposed to Tell You This — Eastern Plaguelands
  1. Pirate Sinker's Bracers — Circle the Wagons... er, Boats (A) or Pirate Sinker's Bracers — Circle the Wagons... er, Boats (H) — Thousand Needles
  2. Lethlor Armbands — A Strange Request — Badlands
  1. Ghostcaller's Leggings — The Mad Magus — Thousand Needles
  1. Den Whomper Boots — Two-Tusk Takedown (A) or Two-Tusk Takedown (H) — Thousand Needles
  2. Treads of Youth — Rough Roads — Eastern Plaguelands
  3. Felpaw Boots — Culling the Corrupted — Felwood

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