Friday, June 1, 2012

Spotted: Cadenbrie — Plate

Spotted off the streets of Azeroth, Cadenbrie from US-Terokkar. I really loved the paladin t11 set and was sad to see so little people are using it anymore, but this pala has done a wonderful job  - even her skin tone fits.

- Head: Overlord's Crown
- Shoulders: Reinforced Sapphirium Pauldrons
- Chest:  Reinforced Sapphirium Battleplate
- Hands: World Keeper's Gauntlets
- WaistSun King's Girdle
Legs: Reinforced Sapphirium Legplates
Feet: Eternal Pathfinders

- Back: Brute Cloak of the Ogre-Magi
- Weapon: Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful


  1. Oh I love spot the mogs! That is a nice set indeed.

  2. It's nice to see what other people are doing, and Transmog Fashion is a bit too random for me. Plus, these are easily written!